Request for Re-Collection of Missed Bin

Please read the information below carefully before proceeding to enter your request.

Dubbo Regional Council's Bin Collection Guidelines

Please be aware the following guidelines have to be followed at all times to allow our collection vehicles to service your bin:

  • Bins need to be placed outside the night before or before 5 am on the collection day.
  • Lids must fully close, bins can't be overfilled.
  • The bin needs to be kept clear of vehicles, trees or other objects.
  • The bin cannot be heavier than 60 kg.
  • The front of the bin must face the road and be placed within one metre from the edge of the road.
  • Space must be left between bins, 50 cm are ideal.

Requests for re-collection

Council will not arrange for re-collection if:

  • The bin was put out too late and the collection vehicle had already serviced the street (bins should be out by 5am).
  • The bin was too heavy (our trucks can only lift up to 60 kg) and contents have not been removed.
  • The bin was overfull and contents have not been removed.
  • The presented bin was not a Council issued bin
If the truck is unable to collect your bin for any of these reasons, you will need to make other arrangements to transport your materials to the closest Waste Facility or wait for the next collection day.

Occasionally, one of our trucks may break down and require repair. If this occurs and your bin has not been emptied, please leave it out and it will be collected as soon as possible.

What happens next?

Once you submit your request, Council will investigate the issue by carrying out one or all of the following:

  • Checking with the driver
  • Reviewing telemetry and video information captured by the Collection Vehicle
  • Comparing details of your request to the list of acceptable reasons for re-collection
Once we have determined the necessary action, we may contact you to make arrangements for re-collection or speak to you about your request.

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